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About Newton St Loe Parish Council

A parish council is a local authority (and nothing to do with the Church despite what you may have seen in The Vicar of Dibley). Its members are democratically elected to represent the local community. The last elections were in May 2019. Newton St Loe Parish Council meets (about) every two months. Its meetings, held in the Village Hall, are advertised on this website and are open to the public. Every meeting includes a short period where members of the public may make comments or ask questions.

The Parish Council has the ‘general power of competence’ which means it has the power, broadly speaking, to do anything that an individual can do as long as this does not contravene the law.

Newton St Loe Parish Council currently

  • provides the Recreation Ground for the benefit of the community
  • has power to make grants to local organisations for the benefit of the community
  • receives a share of Community Infrastructure Levy (a payment made by developers when a planning application is successful) which can be spent on improving infrastructure in the village
  • receives a copy of every planning application which affects the parish and is able to comment on them, if necessary at a meeting of Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Development Management Committee
  • considers and comments on issues of concern to residents such as traffic and parking in the village
  • monitors issues such as pot-holes, litter, the state of footpaths and street-lighting problems (all these are the responsibility of Bath and North East Somerset Council)

Note that the Village Hall is run by its own trustees and not by the Parish Council.

Parish councillors

David McLean, Chairman of the Council

Judith Cook


Sheila Deitch


John Everitt
The Mount, Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BT
07977 228188


The Parish Council has one employee, its Clerk, Robin Moss. Robin is a Member of the Society of Local Council Clerks.

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