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The expenses of Newton St Loe Parish Council are met mainly by the ‘precept’, part of the council tax paid by residents of the parish.

2019/20 financial information

Newton St Loe Parish Council has certified itself as exempt from external audit for 2019/20. It follows that the external auditor will not be reporting on the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (‘AGAR’) for 2019/20.

The AGAR consists of Section 1, the Annual Governance Statement, and Section 2, the Annual Accounting Statements. Additional documents are published under the requirements of the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20

Note: members have not been able to consider the recommendations of the internal auditor in 2019 regarding revisions to the risk assessment. It follows that members answered ‘NO’ to two assertions in the Annual Governance Statement.

Annual Accounting Statements 2019-20

Annual Internal Auditor’s Report 2019-20



Certificate of Exemption 2020

budget adopted 19_20

2018/19 financial information

Annual Governance Statement 2018-19

Annual Accounting Statements 2018-19

Annual Internal Auditor’s Report 2018-19



Payments over £100 2018_19

Certificate of Exemption 2019

2018/19 budget

2017/18 financial information

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

Annual Accounting Statements 2017-18

Annual Internal Auditor’s Report 2017-18



Certificate of Exemption 2018

Payments over £100 2017_18

Community Infrastructure Levy

Newton St Loe Parish Council received £2,626.62 Community Infrastructure Levy in 2017/18. This must be spent on the provision, replacement, improvement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure or in otherwise addressing the demands that development places on the parish. None of the Community Infrastructure Levy received had been spent as at 31 March 2019.

The Parish Council welcomes suggestions as to how the Community Infrastructure Levy received might be spent.

2016/17 financial information

Annual Return 2017 audited
Bank Reconciliation 310317
Explanation of Variances 2017

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017

Land and buildings asset information

The only land and buildings asset in which the Parish Council has an interest is the Recreation Ground, which is leased from the Duchy of Cornwall at a rent (currently) of £120 + VAT per annum. The land is described in the lease as ‘0.348 of a hectare (0.86 of an acre) or thereabouts situate in the Parish of Newton St Loe in the Bath & North East Somerset District Council and within and parcel of the Newton Park Estate Parcel of the Possessions of the Duchy of Cornwall in the former County of Avon which said piece or parcel of land comprises portions of the closes of land numbered 2571 and 2981 on the Ordnance Survey Map of the said Parish Sheet ST 7064 (1971 Edition) (to the extent of 0.34 and 0.008 of a hectare respectively) (formerly portions of the closes of land numbered 196203 and 197 and the close of land numbered 202 on the 1932 Edition)’. It is registered at HM Land Registry with title number ST338997.

Staff costs

The Parish Council has one employee, the Clerk Crispin Taylor, who is paid on scale point 17 (formerly scale point 25) of the nationally agreed scale. The Clerk has no pension provision.

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